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There are other Telephone Amplifiers on the market......they are quite bulky, not comfortable to use and require a special battery. Existing telephone amplifiers must also be removed from Handset before replacing the handset on the base.

Our Model TA - 200 is small and slim, lightweight, comfortable to use and requires a standard battery. Attaches instantly on the earpiece of any phone. You may leave on the Handset when replacing the handset on the base.


Body is 2-1/8" X 2" X 3/4". 

Attached on the back is a tiny microphone. The earpiece of all handsets are recessed, so that the microphone fits into the recess. 

ON/OFF Volume switch

Battery required: 1 “AAA”, available everywhere

Weight: 1-1/2  ounces

Color: Ivory

Each TA-200, in its individual carton.
Complete with 1 “AAA” battery, ready for use

*This amplifier is intended for standard Office & Home Telephones and may NOT work properly with Cordless Handsets or Cellular Phones.    


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