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Wired Intercoms




Duplex Simultaneous 2-Way

Private, “duplex”, (simultaneous 2-way)

 – no confusing  one-way-at-a time  as
in common “simplex” Intercoms

  Long distances on ordinary 2-conductor wire

  No hard-to-find multi-conductor wire needed.

Do-it-yourself installation.


 Each handset works on an internal 9V battery. Battery may last a year since used only when talking or calling. 4 or 5 handsets  may connect on the same wire. Any handset can speak  with     any other handsets. Use buzzer code to call.

The exit cord of each handset is fitted with a 2-contact  phono-plug. A matching phono-jack, with pigtail, is supplied, enabling rapid  connection to any line. 

Extra jacks maybe “spotted” anywhere on  the line, so that a person carrying a  handset  may “plug in” at a nearby location. 

   Compact: Handset can be carried in pocket.

weights - 8 1/4 oz.

Wall hanger supplied. Color: Black

For industry, offices, stores, field, mines or military. 

Special Safety Applications for Hazardous locations.

Every feature contributes to assured contact in emergencies where other forms of communications are unavailable.








Provides private clear  simultaneous 2-way conversation (like a phone) over ordinary 2-conductor wire.


       All Units Incorporate:




Offices, Warehouses, Stores, Industrial areas, and Homes.

General Design: 

2-piece unit: Handset over cradle.



Up to ½  mile, depending on wire gauge.


Number of units on same line in “parallel”

Master and up to 3 Subs Using buzzer code,

Master can contact any Sub.

Any Sub can contact the Master


Power Required:

Required for Master only, (not for any Sub).

4 “AA” batteries not included.

(On the Master there is a socket to accept

a 6V Adapter).


Standard Packaging: 

2-station Set (Master + 1 Sub) complete with wall hangers.

(Units can also be placed on a desk).


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