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Take A Number System

Organize Your Busy Location

Installation is a Plug and Play

( No need for an electrician)

Upgrades available for all Systems

Client takes a numbered ticket from the

Ticket Dispenser, Number is shown on an

Electronic 2 or 3 Digit Indicator

that is remotely operated by the Clerk.

Take A Number System Improves your customer service with a priority system.

Turn-O-Matic / Take-a-Number helps service customers and patients with a fair, orderly and stress free environment.
 Clients can relax while waiting.

Turn-O-Matic helps increase profitability.

Turn-O-Matic's modular designs allow you to customize a system to suit individual needs.




Starter Kits contains:

 Choice of D80 or D90  Dispenser

Pleased to announce now available a low-cost Take-a-Number System. This highly innovative application is designed to carve out an important role in the world of traditional queuing systems.

MICRO-POINT was designed with the aim of creating a highly competitive product to sell anywhere that needs the installation of a simple queue management system.

MICRO-POINT is available in multi colors with a (2-digit display + wired push button)

All accessories(voice module) and spare parts are available separately.




 Single service with multi lines can be installed in a retail or business in which there is need to order the turn of the clientele.

Each system operates on a single "queue" to which all users levying a progressive ticket by the same distributor. Also available is a kit that allows for quick installation and commissioning of the system. Any accessories and spare parts are available separately.

Starter Kit Includes:

 Choice of D80 or D90  Dispenser


Start Pac Wireless  902



  Now Serving decal.
 LED 2-digit display from 00 to 99.
  Power Supply (12V adapter)
  Universal Sign
/ Adjustable Sound
  2 Wireless Remotes - Forward & Reverse
Choice between T90 Dispenser (shown) or T80 Dispenser
 System compatible as an upgrade from Standard Model.


Start Pac Wireless  903



   2 Digit Led Display
  Power Supply
  1 Wireless Remote Keychain - Forward or Reverse


Wireless  Remotes


  Pushbutton  Keychain / Advance  &  Reverse Direction
with Velcro backing / includes Battery


Start Pac 904 Keypad


  Expandable up to 15 service counters.
  2 Digit LED Display
Universal Sign, Keypad included.
T90 Ticket Dispenser (shown) or T80 Dispenser
Easy expansion with additional Indicators and counter-top Keypads.
  Many options available for all systems including Repeat Display.


Start Pac 906 Expansion



  Expandable up to 15 service counters.
Ticket Number LED Display with Service Counter LED Display.
  Two Keypads included.
  Ticket Dispenser D80 or T90 (shown).
  Universal Sign
  2 Power Supply's. Displays Ticket Number and Counter  Number. LED display for each counter is an option.
   Keypad options  include Recall number, Restart Ticket Number


KeyPad  900



Keypad with Power Adapter and Data Cable.


2 & 3 Digit LED DISPLAYS



2 Digit IL902 / #00 to #99 


3 Digit IL903 / #000 to #999

 Various Colours for casing and LED's are special order.
   Standard model for simple plug-in upgrades.

  150 wide viewing angle, horizontally and vertically.
  Beeper and blinking digits announce number change.
  Simple 2-wire data linking of indicators for multiple display applications.

  Low-voltage (12VAC) power supply.

"Now Serving" decals in 12 languages.

  Digit size 80mm W x 130mm H (3.12" x 5.07")
  ABS plastic housing available in Black.

Expandable  Plus Pac


 PLUS Pac IN902 x 2

  One per Service Type
  Single counter or multiply counters.
 Service Status is viewed as single or multiple counters.

  One per Service Type - For Parallel counters.
Indicator PLUS packs are also available in other configurations and options.
  3-digit Indicator IN903, and more...
      2-wire data linking of indicators for multiple displays.   



T80 / T90 Ticket Dispensers



           D 80 /3000 Tickets            D 90 /4000 Tickets   



Counter / Floor Stands



         Counter Stand  / 1 ft.                   Floor Stand / 4 ft. 4"



Universal Sign



  Fits behind the D90/D80 Dispenser for Wall Mount. May also be mounted on Counter Stand & Floor Stand.


Ceiling Bracket



       Mountable for 1 or 2 Led Displays. Standard size and   Expandable Pole option


12V Transformer



                   Hardwire                        Plug In - 16 ft. cable


Data / Power Cables  


Allows you to Upgrade / Expand any system.
  Easy to install on existing Led Display unit.
Custom sizes are available. Just plug-in and go.


   RJ10 jack              Mating connector: RJ10 plug  

  Connection for Push Buttons to LED Display.
  Connection for network Keypad via LED Display
Link Multiply LED Displays
  Connection for Indicator cascade

  Connection for power: All units, 12VAC

Extensions and Splitters are available.


 DC jack       Mating connector: DC plug 2.5 mm


D80 Tickets - 2/3 Digit



       White                Pink               Yellow               Blue

 3,000 tickets per roll /5 Rolls per  Bundle  

Purchase in Single Rolls and Bundles of 5/10/15/20/30 Rolls       



D 80 Alpha/Numeric


All colors available

 3,000 tickets per roll /5 Rolls per  Bundle  

Purchase in Single Rolls and Bundles of 5/10/15/20/30 Rolls       

  D 80 - Repeating Alpha  & Numeric  from A to J with numbers  A00 -  J99



   D90 Tickets - 2/3 Digit



     Green                            White

4,000 tickets per roll  -  6 /12/18/24 Rolls per  Box


Thermal Ticket rolls


We supply all sizes


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