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 Queue - EasyTurn


Configuration Kits

  2  Digit Main Display with 1 Digit Counter Number

Serves maximum 9 Counters

 Wireless Remotes or Keypads

T80 or T90 Dispenser, Electric Dispenser, Floor Stand, Sign

When a single operator is not enough.

 2 Digit Main Display & 1 Digit Counter number

 3 Digit Main Display & 1 Digit Counter number


 3 Digit Main Display & 2 Digit Counter number

The line Multi-Point has been designed for all those open to the public characterized by the presence of several counters which perform the same service.

Take for example a pharmacy that is structured with autonomous work stations and well defined where users pick up the ticket with the sequence number and can be called by any of the operators present.

In this case the display will show, in addition to the round number, also that of the calling station.



When tradition meets technology.

A VOICE is better.

The TURNOPOINT line applies many environments such Bakeries, Pastries, Ice Cream, Fish markets offices and retail. Thanks to the use of the radio frequency command, This system can be easily installed directly by the user. The line also includes numerous accessories.

 Kit Includes:

Electronic 2-digit LED display for indicating the progressive number of  turn. Made of plastic material, it is fitted with accessories for mounting to wall or ceiling. It features horn, flashing digits and zero. All displays can be connected to one another for the display of the same sequence number. Voice Module and other accessories sold separately.

  Accessories and related products

3 Digit Display

3-digit electronic display, in light segments, for the indication of ticket number. Made of plastic and aluminum, it is equipped with accessories for wall mount. It features horn, flashing digits and reset. All 3 digit displays can be connected to one another for the display of the same sequence number.


2 Digit and 3 Digit Keypad

Console counter for operator with 2 or 3-digit LED display. It is provided with a numeric keyboard and 2 buttons for advancement and decrease (+ and -). It is designed for connection to the display.


T80 or T90 Dispenser

Ticket dispenser tear shockproof plastic red. This dispenser is smaller than T90, it uses rolls of 3000 tickets.It is equipped with a bracket for wall or free-standing engagement. Also available in colors: blue, green, white, yellow and black.

Tickets dispenser in plastic (ABS) of gray color. This dispenser is larger than classic, it uses rolls of 4000 tickets . It has a bracket for wall fastening or floor stand. It's also available in red, green, yellow and blue.


Keypad or Wireless Remote

Tabletop operator console. It has an LED display for indicating the number of turn. It is equipped with a forward key (NEXT) and a key for opening / closing station. It also allows the called number, the decrease and the system reset .

 Radio control to the standard 433.92 MHz frequency for multipoint systems. It is equipped with a green color key for the advancement of the normal or fast  (NEXT), a key for the encoding of the transmission channel (C) and a confirmation LED. The range is 20 meters


Voice Module

The VOICE module is composed of a central unit and a speaker. It can be connected to all  two and three digit displays. Already it contains within it a large number of messages in digital format that can be set by the user in relation to their needs (female voice). For large environments, the product is equipped with low-frequency output for connection to the existing audio. Removing red or green casing, you access the dip switches for several pre recorded message selections. Calls Ticket Number - Patient  or Customer.



2 and 3 Digits Counter Displays

The counter display is normally installed at each operator station and displays the progressive ticket number called by that specific workstation. It 'available in versions with 2 or 3 digits (or alphabetical letter) and has 3 types of Mounts: counter, flag and wall . This display is however, an option where, for reasons of cost, a switchover to the single fixed indication of the number of location can be displayed.

Counter Mounting Options

Table rod support for the counter display, equipped for the cables wiring and bearing the numerical indication of the number of door.




Flag type support to counter display, equipped
for cable wiring and bearing the numerical indication of the number of door.



Wall support designed for the counter display, equipped for cables wiring and bearing the numerical indication of the number of door.


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The MULTI POINT code management system is a system at the same time and multi counter single service that allows you to respond effectively and at competitive costs to all the needs of the waiting management characterized by the presence of branches, rooms, offices, etc. which perform the same service.

The sequential numbering is the same for all users who will then be met by all operators.




This unit allows the printed number ticket with the addition of utility information such as: Business header, service name, time and date, informative and courtesy message, number of waiting users.

 It is available in versions with 1 or 2 buttons (A and B|) service. Moreover, it is able to provide both an end-day report the total number of coupons issued for each service, that the call detail for single door.

The MP-PRINT is available with three different mounts: floor, counter or wall.

 The printer body is made of ABS in petrol blue color and uses fast and reliable thermal printing unit, complete with cutter. The dispenser is equipped with a software kit for programming the information and printing parameters.



2 Digit Display with 9 Counters





3 Digit Display with 15 counters



 Color Coded Multi Displays

To differentiate the serviceswith colour coded slots. Which can be colour coded with Main Displays, T80 or T90 Ticket Dispensers and Rolls of Tickets.







The innovative Q-RETAIL queue management system for shops and retail business. It is a substantial evolution of the Take A Number system for the market management of a simple type of managing, via a single instrument, both the sequence number and the visual feature of communications offer promotions/information to customers waiting.

           What once was "just" a queue management system has also become an effective advertising and marketing tool that can entertain pushing customers toward a purchase immediate boost.

 You need to differentiate the code? Never fear, Q-Retail supports up to two different services and the numbering is manageable with Q-Retail Console (Windows Virtual Console), QS-KEYPAD (wireless Keypad) or the new QS-WCONS (Consoles WiFi bench operator).

Thanks to the power of the octa-core processor, the management unit is able to display dynamic content streaming, play voice messages and information also displays multimedia files that reside on the web or an external server.



Virtual Console  /  Wireless Numeric Pad  /  

Tabletop Wi Fi Console


 Main Display Unit 

 It is the a central unit of the Q-Retail system. Thanks to the power of the integrated octa-core processor is able to manage the flow of two different services with two or three digit Dislays.  In addition, the dedicated graphics processor (GPU) enables smooth playback of digital signage media content such as images, video and streaming flows, supporting many popular formats.

Q-Retail is also equipped with a speech synthesis engine in different languages that allows the reproduction of any text, the name of the service, the progressive turn number and programmable voice messages on regular intervals.                    




Wireless Remote Keypad  

 Via 2.4Ghz wireless interface enables the advancement of the number in different ways: forward (+), decrease (-), zero (DEL), change the current service, setting the dutys chosen number. It comes in two colors, black or white. You can connect multiple QS-KEYPAD to the system to allow the advancement of numbering to more operators.




Tabletop Wi Fi console

 Tabletop wifi operator console. It has an LED display for indicating the number of turn. It is equipped with a key to open / close position. It also allows, via the arrows, the change of the service, flare and the number decrease. It interfaces with all the Q systems thanks to the built-in WiFi module.



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