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Customer Flow Management 




Advantages of eGestat System

Simplicity of use: Native WEB interface

Management of 3 reception modes, up to 8 queues and 24 reception workstations, Compatible with all ESII peripherals.

Web supervision of the queues and workstations on a single screen
User Friendly Application /  PC compatible or Keypad

Detailed Statistics

Available in several languages: French, English, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian

Technical Features

Solution with no IT server (no license fee)

Web module for the configuration, supervision and reception workstations, Site architecture with or without network

Secure access, Viral immunity, Operation in wired or PC mode

Easily integrated box (rackable solution, structured wiring, 19" bay)

eGestat™ is the ideal solution for managing your reception simply, without needing an IT server.

eGestat™ is a web solution integrated into an electronic box which is not a PC. You manage your reception without any deployment, directly from the users' PCs through a simple browser.

If you do not wish to use the web reception module, you can opt for an
electronic reception console solution.

eGestat™ is installed directly on your network or in standalone mode and the materials operate in wired  mode.



The eSirius? solution offers you smooth, communicative and multiple site customer flow management. You can allocate your teams according to demand, establish a personalized relationship with your visitors and give your reception a modern and dynamic image.

Discover eSirius and enter a stress-free world...


eSirius goes further than all other customer flow management systems to provide you with unique features.

Management of all the reception organizations:

eSirius adapts by simple configuration and YOU are free to

change it to fit your organization's needs.

How does eSirius adapt to your organization:

Reception on an island desk, over a counter or in traditional offices

Reception with a first line and multiple directions

Several stages with load balancing

Human reception combined with self-service systems

Harmonious conflict-free management of clients with

appointments and spontaneous visitors

Reception with or without a ticket

 Multiple-site reception:
eSirius is "the" multiple site customer flow management

product which provides you uniform reception throughout
your sites.

real time multiple-site supervision ,multiple-site analysis

centralized management of the configuration and rights

a web configuration without deployment and

supporting hundreds of sites.

Activity analysis

The eStat analysis module allows you to exploit your data rapidly for optimizing your customer flow management and measuring your activity.

The eStat module is easy to use without limiting you in your analyses.

eStat: a flexible statistical module,

Traffic flows and waiting per hour of the day

Average processing time Staff activity

Responses provided to clients

It also offers as standard many features:

Dynamic filters

Tables, graphs, block graphs

Two axes analysis

PDF and XLS export


Ticket Dispensers


Efficient Queue allocation, Floor Stand, Desk Top or Wall Mount

We offer you a range of solutions for dispensing tickets. The ticket dispenser allows you to identify, reassure and communicate effectively with your clients.

Our new DISEO range of high-tech, light, modern, flexible and compact dispensers revolutionizes your customers reception management.

Our tickets are manufactured according to rules which respect the environment (Green Label) and are certified phenol free.


Maximum ergonomics and customization

High capacity print

Cost-saving and variable length tickets

Easy to use and maintain: Embedded web

Auto-loading paper change, 9 integrated sensors

PC less, no operating system

Designed for disabled access, no discomfort for able-bodied persons

All supports : Desk Top, Floor Stand or Wall Mounted

Options : Backlit signage kit, Card Reader




Up to 5 large touch screen selections

 Screen Plexiglas plate protection, high resistance shell,

Customize Faceplate

 1, 000,000 cuts, lockable

Emergency mode: Single queue ticket distribution if there is no  connection with customer flow solution

High capacity prints (>2600 tickets)





Backlight touch screen selection and flashing / sound arrow release ticket

Front face and outline easily customizable.

 Screen Plexiglas plate protection, high resistance shell, 1, 000,000 cuts, lockable

Emergency mode: Single queue ticket distribution if there is no connection with customer flow solution

High capacity print (>4000 tickets)

Variable length tickets




 Full interactive touch screen 84 with multi-choice scenario easily editable

Dynamic Advertising

Identification of an appointment by code via virtual keypad

Display of waiting conditions

Ethernet connection

Robust: High resistance shell, 1, 000,000 cuts, lockable

Emergency mode: Single queue ticket distribution if there is no connection with customer flow solution

High capacity print (>4000 tickets)

Variable length tickets


LED Displays


Efficient Call & Direction

Especially created to harmonize with today's reception arrangements, our range of displays combines modernity, design and functionality.

Our displays are designed to meet all your reception needs in terms of set up, colors, texts for the upper sections, multiple row use etc

Colors selection with filters easily modifiable according to your interior design

Multiple colors possible, Transparent glass aspect plate

High luminosity LEDs with 4 intensity settings, low consumption

Automatic switching to stand-by. Customizable and clip able top piece

Displays delivered with several filters

Characters: 10 x 6 cm - Visibility: 50 m

Angle of vision: 120°

4 integrated sounds (0.5W) adjustable volume

Wall or ceiling mounting

Click to View Product Sheet


General Display



Displays the number called and the calling workstation. It can share the calls of several services or be dedicated to a particular queue.

The number flashes during the call. The last number remains displayed so visitors can see where they are in the queue.


Workstation Display


Displays the number called by the calling workstation. The workstation is ideally identified.

The number flashes during the call and the display switches off when nobody is connected for calling.


Workstation Indicator


Cheaper than the workstation display, this allows the calling workstation to be identified by flashing during the call.

3 models available: transparent dot indicator, 1 or 2 character matrix indicator.




You can design your display by using the various modules on a single transparent medium, by using texts, logos and different colors.


Waiting Condition Displays


You can  use display for waiting times or the number of people waiting.

Can be used in a waiting room and also in the back office for informing your teams.


Time Display


 Displays time.

Ideal to finalize your reception layout, the time function is independent or can be integrated in a multiple-row display.


Interactive Kiosks


State of the art reception kiosk

Combining design, robustness, performance and ease of use, the Cameo™ kiosk offers you an excellent image of your customer relationship.

It allows the customer's need to be identified, the arrival of an appointment to be identified, information to be entered (forms), and your customers to be directed with ease.

It integrates fully into your working environment and enables effective communication thanks to its customizable design.

The kiosk comes supplied with the scenario matching your demands for easy start-up and you have configuration tools that allow you full customization of your reception scenario.

It integrates into your environment perfectly thanks to its customizable design and allows a wide choice of functions to be managed.


Fully customizable web interface configuration tool supplied

Hierarchical menus with n levels

Choice of language for screens and tickets

Displayable waiting conditions before dispensing of ticket

Dynamic scenario according to configuration (e.g. a button which is displayed only if the service is open)

Display of required documentation

Printing of information tickets possible (times, required documentation, maps, etc.)

Identification of appointments by card or entering a user name

Technical features

17" screen (1280x1024) for easy communication

SAW touch technology for use by the general public

Accessible by persons of reduced mobility (Height 103cm under the screen for full accessibility)

High resistance 20/10 steel housing with locked door

Optimized natural ventilation

Easy modifiable customized skin

Elegant slim design (140x50x18cm) for easy integration into your premises

Card reading possible (smart card, magnetic strip or barcode)

Wiring entry point from the lower rear or from below (except for 230V)

Very simple maintenance through total access from the front

Sign or video can be added

Ticket printer


Interactive Kiosk Programs


Internet Consultation / Documentary consultation kiosk

The Cameo™ kiosk can be used to offer an Internet consultation service or a documentary database.

Satisfaction Survey Kiosk

In order to probe client satisfaction in real time, we offer the KWIZ module. You construct structured questionnaires or quizzes, you broadcast them instantly over the kiosk network and you compile statistics on the questionnaires directly accessible on line.

Direction Map Kiosk

In order to free up time for your reception and offer your visitors, customers, or patients the possibility of finding a place or person from a list by entering information via a virtual keyboard on a kiosk, we offer you the KPLAN module.

The map and itinerary are given graphically and the solution can manage a set of kiosks with centralized updating.

General Information Kiosk

This solution provides an information point for the user who is guided by a fully customizable modern navigation interface (images, text, lay-out, scenarios, styles, menus, language etc.)

Visitor/Customer Reception and Requirement Identification Kiosk

The Cameo™ kiosk can be used for selecting a service, identifying the arrival of an appointment or for reading a card.

You can dynamically indicate for each choice the traffic flow conditions and/or estimated time and the documentation required.
Find out more.


Calling Peripherals


For non-computerized reception stations ESII has designed a range of very simple and ergonomic electronic reception consoles.


5-key Reception Console


For standard reception functions

High resistance  LCD green screen 2x16 black characters

5-button keypad with adjustable sounds

Management of the main reception functions : (connection, call, reminder, absent visitor, etc)

2 red and green status and alert indicators

Displays of the number of persons waiting

Display of the number called

Workstation identification sign option


20-key Reception Console


For advanced reception functions

High resistance LCD backlight blue screen 2x16 white characters

20-button keypad with adjustable sounds

Management of the main reception functions: (connection, call, reminder, absent visitor, direction, purpose of visit etc)

5 multi-color status and alert indicators

Display of queues

Display of visitor information

Workstation identification sign option





NeoPlayer™ is a video communication tool offering many possibilities and is very easy to use. You can manage screens locally or a whole series of screens in a network over several sites with different levels of rights.

You create your distribution lists (films, flash, ppt, RSS feeds etc.) which are broadcast according to your communication strategy. NeoPlayer™ comes with simple native tools for creating content very quickly from a template library.

All administration is through a web module needing no deployment.

You also supervise in real time the distribution points (ongoing communication, machine status etc.).
NeoPlayer™ is the ideal tool for managing your communication easily.

You can also use the solution NeoPlayer™ to broadcast your calls and manage your communication. You make your reception management more dynamic by informing your visitors and reducing the perceived wait.


Local or multiple sites: the product is designed to be able to manage simply, one or more screens on a site or to manage a set of sites centrally with rights management.

Simple to use : user-friendliness is studied for fast familiarization and production tools are also provided to create messages easily, using templates.

Performance: transmission of all image and video format, RSS feeds, HTML. Management of video walls.

Simple to administrate: local and central administration via web interface.

Overall supervision: transmission statistics, real time supervision of screens

Technical features

Dividing your screens into area and broadcasting different content to each of them
Management of several screens by a single NeoPlayer™
Display using all of the standard formats (ppt, avi, mpeg, flash, jpg, html, ...) depending on version
Handling of RSS feeds
Instant text message or using preformatted templates
Easy to create distribution lists
Local or centralized administration

Multimedia screens from 17" to 52"

3 years warranty

 Professional range meeting our solution requirements: brightness, reliability, large viewing angle, sound quality, adapted to the stands, low consumption.

Swiveling wall brackets with or without offset

Swiveling and adjustable ceiling brackets

Pedestal stands on a base

Reception by Appointment

Harmony and management

ESII proposes a complete, intuitive, full Web, open and multiple-site solution covering all features ranging from making appointments on site or over the Internet to reception success and including the automatic identification of appointment arrivals.
You receive your customers in harmony by managing your resources and planning your business.


Controlled reception: You have a more precise idea of the visitor flow since it is planned (in all or in part). You control the appointment time periods.

Satisfied customers: No (or very little) on site waiting. Your reception is professional, your clients are satisfied with the service and want to come back.

The management of all types of appointments: for a service, for a salesperson/agent, for a workstation where dedicated appointment workstations exist.

Manage all appointments however they are made: via a call center or over the Internet, by a customer or during an interview, by a member of staff.

Identification of the customer's arrival: through reading a smartcard, by the customer entering a code on the interactive kiosk, by selecting a salesperson/receptionist in a list or directly by the salesperson/member of staff who is receiving the person with the appointment.

Guaranteed to keep appointments on time by managing early or late arrivals: booking of the planned appointments periods, management of alarms, appointment confirmations and/or reminders X time before the appointment time by email or SMS.

Making Appointments over the Internet

Your customer makes an appointment using eAppointment over the Internet. They select their site, service and a period and the system proposes possible times according to the booked periods and appointments already made. They receive confirmation or a reminder of the appointment by email and/or SMS.


Your customer is not limited to the opening hours of the site or call center to make appointments and this enables you to reduce the load on your call center. The ergonomics of the appointment proposal web page can easily be integrated into your web site with a minimum of customization required (stylesheet).


The Identification of Appointments

This can be carried out by a salesperson/member of reception staff, by a self-service reception kiosk, by a card reader, a bar code or by entering an appointment code. The customer is identified and their appointment are automatically registered.


The member of staff is warned of an appointment by an imminent arrival message and by another one when the appointment actually arrives.

An alarm is triggered if someone is still waiting for his/her appointment after the arranged time. A video call system may also be interfaced.

Appointment Reception

The salesperson/member of staff, equipped with the computer reception module, has all the required information to prepare and welcome their appointments. They can visualize permanently the persons waiting for appointments and those remaining for that day.


Your customer is not limited to the opening hours of the site or call center to make appointments and this enables you to reduce the load on your call center. The ergonomics of the appointment proposal web page can easily be integrated into your web site with a minimum of customization required (stylesheet).





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