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Low Vision Binoculars




Individuals with Low Vision

These Lightweight Binoculars focus down to normal TV viewing distances of  (8 to 9ft), and provide a magnified image of the ENTIRE screen of a 33 TV. 

* Conventional Binoculars do not focus down to such distances, and even if they could, the magnification is so great that only a small part of the screen is visible.

We are aware that spectacle-type Binoculars are available, (worn like eyeglasses) but many find them uncomfortable, and almost impossible to use in a reclining position; generally they do not provide a complete image of the screen; and often they are
found to be rather expensive.

Low Vision BINOCULARS avoid these problems.  


4X 15mm Wide Angle Magnification

16◦ Ultra Wide Field of view

Adjustable Right eyepiece

and Pupillary Distance

Rubber Eye caps can be rolled down to permit full viewing of image field for users with spectacles.

Fast Centre Focusing System

Compact Size & Light Weight

Carry Case with strap

Individuals with normal vision will also find these Binoculars excellent for live theatre and sports events,  they provide a much wider view than conventional binoculars.    



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